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What lessons from 2023 should we take to the new year?


When starting a new year, it is inevitable not to reflect on past events, the lessons we learned and how we can improve our behavior to make a difference in the opportunities that lie ahead.

Despite the countless uncertainties about economic, climate and production issues, some things will never change and having these pillars well defined and planned is what brings security to the production well-being. Find out which points are essential and how to be prepared to be the best in each one.

Commitment to management
Prioritizing management is essential for good results to be achieved even in difficult times. Being increasingly aligned with the actions that can be taken from the inside can minimize impacts and make production successful. If you want to know more about efficient management, click here.

Production planning
Good planning is the key to keep the farm in the cycle of continuous improvement. With objectives set, targets in hand and the team involved and engaged, it becomes easier to achieve results. When planning, it is also important to involve and listen to the people who work at the farm so that they feel part of the entire process. If you haven’t yet planned your production or are in doubt, this article can help you review important points.

Preparation to receive technologies in the field
We already know that there is no escaping, technology and artificial intelligence will be increasingly included in our daily lives and, especially, in work activities. Therefore, it is necessary to be prepared to receive new technologies and know what is necessary to implement them in business. Want to know how? Agriness’ Head of Engineering explains how to be prepared to receive the new.

Studying and understanding data and its origins
The preparation to receive technology also involves understanding the technology, questioning the information collection processes and the time between the event and inclusion in the system. For everyone involved to understand the logic behind transforming data into information, it is necessary to improve the knowledge of everyone involved in the operation.

With knowledge and structured action plans, you and your team keep production in full operation even if something doesn’t go as expected.

Do you want to know how Agriness works on these points and how we can help your production? Check it out:

Planning: Agriness offers several tools for you to monitor everything that happens at the farm so you can act in real time. In addition, you can be accompanied by an Agriness Advisor to help you read your farm’s data.

Education: discover the Agriness Academy courses and invest in your career.

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