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News #009 – One more year together

What learnings from 2023 should we take into the new year?


When starting a new year, it is inevitable not to reflect on past events, the lessons we learned and how we can improve our behavior to make a difference in the opportunities that lie ahead.

Despite the countless uncertainties, some things never change and having these pillars defined and well planned is what brings security to the production well-being. Learn the essential points and how to be prepared to be the best in each one.


Stay on top of the news

With each edition of our newsletter, we present and comment on the main novelties in Agriness products, with a spet-by-step so you can extract the best from each uptdate. 

Evaluate the effective replacement rate

By evaluating the actual replacement rate of active sows, it is possible to more easily detail the number of females that entered the farm, the number of mating and the females that entered the herd as active sows.

The percentage value considers the entry of females covered in the analyzed period, that is, those that entered the herd as active sows (covered sows and gilts purchased pregnant in cycle 1).

Where to find?
Farm > Analysis > S4 General > Reproductive herd > Replacement of females > % Effective in the period.


The female's history in the palm of your hand

Follow all the details of the female’s last three cycles on the S4 App in the farm. With the Sow Register in hand, it is possible to know the history and make decisions without having to print the register. The cycles are presented in descending order, that is, the most recent cycle will be at the top of the screen, each cycle will have its events displayed within it.

Important! The history only works with internet access. Check your connection when starting access.

Continuous improvement


You know how much we encourage our customers to work towards continuous improvement in production, and here at Agriness it is no different. Every year we send an Annual Satisfaction Survey to find out which points need to be looked at more closely and how we can continue to improve our products, services and our relationship.

We appreciate the hundreds of customers who dedicated a few minutes of their day, thank you very much!

Be present

Being grateful for those who were by our side throughout the year is fundamental. It is necessary to look at those who were present during the journey, at those who reached out to help, at those who stopped to teach, at those who always believed and committed together.

We know it’s not always easy, but when we show ourselves to be truly present, for ourselves and for others, we will be better in the future.

This is what Agriness works for every day: to be present with you, bringing the most innovative products to your production without forgetting what we learned together.

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