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News #008 – Updated Production Map and Inventory Report

New Farm Inventory Report

The Inventory Report is crucial for the farm’s operation. With it, a comprehensive evaluation of the animal inventory can be conducted, offering a general overview and more specific details by phase and animal type. The report is primarily used for herd assessments and audits. To discuss the updates and ways to use the Inventory Report, Samuel Lunardi, from the Unique Client team, recorded a video explaining all the details.

Production Map available for farms with weekly and batch management

The Production Map is a management tool that provides a comprehensive view of what happens at each point of the production process.

Pamella Mokwa, from the Unique Client team, shares the updates on the Production Map and how it can be used in farm management.

Did you know?

In addition to the monthly product updates, Agriness Help page also features a knowledge base for you to address any questions about the operation of the programs and services and to keep learning. Bookmark the page in your browser and stay informed about everything!

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