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Good production planning is one of the most important factors to keep the farm in the continuous improvement cycle. If we have a production objective that involves increasing the number of matings, improving the farrowing rate or the number of total born, planning needs to start at the beginning of the second half of the year, since in this period we will be mating the sows that will wean the first litters at the beginning of next year.

Carrying out this organization at the right time, at the beginning of the third quarter of the year, will directly impact how much we will be assertive in the expected production result for the next year. But where do you start planning? We’ve set out some steps you should take from planning to execution to obtain even better results. 

Take a yearly assessment

It is always important to make a retrospective of the year that is ending – considering the 12-month period, from October of the previous year to September of the current year – making an assessment of what worked and what are the points of improvement. To support you in this analysis, the first step is to evaluate the farm results using the S4 General Report , which compiles all data for the period, for all phases of the farm, allowing a broader view of the results. 

The second step is to identify which were the indicators that most undermined results and, for this, Agriness S4 Diagnostic Tree is a great ally to bring more clarity with regard to indicators. In it you will see the results of the main indicators that affect productivity, comparing them with your farm’s goals. 

With all these indicators in hand you will be able to deepen the analysis and define which points you want to improve next year and how to do it.

Set Your Goals

It’s time for planning! The objectives can be varied: increase the WSY, obtain a larger profit, increase the herd, improve delivery quality and many other possibilities that require good management for the objective to be achieved. For quality management, it is important, among other aspects, to set small goals that can be monitored on a daily basis. For this you can also count on Agriness S4, where you can set your own goals – within your reality – and also follow your deliveries through the Production Map , which serves as a guide at all stages of production. 

Well-done planning can directly impact the farm’s financial results. Increasing each sow’s productivity by one piglet may seem like a small number if viewed in isolation, but in the context of production, it can mean a considerable increase in revenue. Investing in management and planning, always going after “one more piglet”, can help you have more security in your business. 

Have you calculated how much you will earn if you produce one more weaned per sow every year? No! See the comparison below: 

Comparison of results obtained with a possible increase in production.


Current Result

Increase in production







Average piglet value (R$) 



Total piglets



Billing (R$)



Increase in annual revenue

                            R$ 105,000.00

* Reference value based on the price of a weaned piglet from August/2022 in the state of Santa Catarina (Brazil).


Engage your team at all points in planning

Objectives set, goals in hand, it’s time to act! For this it is important to remember that numbers and systems will not bring results alone, it is necessary to engage and involve people; they are the ones who perform the daily management and activities necessary for production. Thus, when planning, it is essential to engage the team that works on the farm, sharing the objectives and challenges with everyone and how each one will collaborate to achieve the results. Sharing helps people feel like part of the process and responsible for the results being achieved.

Get to work

With clear objectives, goals set and team engaged, the time has come to put planning into practice to generate the desired results. Consistently planning for the sought result and how to reach it is what makes farms more productive and with better financial results. However, it will be the focus on goals and discipline in daily activities on the farm that will guarantee the results. Therefore, be sure to hold weekly alignment meetings with the team to discuss results and opportunities that arise on a daily basis. 

Did you have any questions about how to do each step of your planning? We can help you take this step in your management! Get to know our services and contact us

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