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News #006.1 – The main news of the quarter

Batch Record: Your Ally in Planning

Having information is essential for planning farm events in advance, and to provide you with more data during the planning process, the Batch Record in Agriness S4 has received another update. With the average birth date, located in the header of the record, you can quickly project the days in each phase and the expected batch exit, making it easier to organize upcoming events within the farm more effectively.

To further assist your planning, it is now possible to configure the batch record printing according to your needs. Please refer to the step-by-step guide below.

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Standardized Phase Task List

The task list is now more visual and standardized across all phases. In addition to standardization, filters and exports have also been included.

In the video below, Jefté Januário, from the Agriness Cliente Único team, explains each new update to the task list and how you will benefit from them. Check out the video below.

The Diagnosis Tree is more comprehensive now

You already know that the Diagnosis Tree brings together key indicators to assist in decision-making and improve farm results. The new feature now is that you can run simulations on your Tree and create the ideal scenario to enhance your productivity. Want to know how? Maiara Dahmer, from Agriness Accelerator, explains how to perform these simulations.

You can find these and other updates in our Help Center

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