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Meet the winners of Agriness Best of Pig Farming Awards 15 th edition

The winners of Agriness Best of Pig Farming Awards 15th edition were announced on Tuesday, May 30th. This year, the award ceremony was part of Agriness Next, held in person at the Hard Rock Live and also broadcasted on Agriness’ YouTube channel.

In this edition, Agriness Best of Pig Farming Awards had the participation of 2,413 farms and 2,038,709 sows from countries in Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

Agriness Best of Pig Farming Awards is organized by Agriness and in 2023’s edition is supported by the following companies: Cedrovet, De Heus, MSD, Provimi, Vetifarma, Vitamix e ZooProfit


Producer Evolution WSY

Pearl Piglet: Granja Bela Vista – Luciano Salgado Arantes (Urucânia/MG) from 29.64 to 35.58 weaned/sow/year.

Up to 300 sows

Gold Piglet: Granja São Bartolomeu – João Mário Russo Maroca (Rio Casca/MG) – 36.98 weaned/sow/year.

Silver Piglet: Granja Barkema Capão Alto – Reinder Mattheus Barkema (Castro/PR) – 36.76 weaned/sow/year.

Bronze Piglet: Suinocultura Silva 1 – Cleverson da Silva (Saudades/SC) – 35.97 weaned/sow/year.

301 to 500 sows

Gold Piglet: Fazenda Cinco Estrelas – Ricardo Santos Bartholo (Patrocínio/MG) – 40.60 weaned/sow/year.

Silver Piglet: Granja Boa Esperança – Agostinho Mansano Peres (Presidente Olegário/MG) – 37.94 weaned/sow/year.

Bronze Piglet: Granja Canal – Adelício Antonio Canal (Itá/SC) – 36.51 weaned/sow/year.

501 a 1000 sows

Gold Piglet: Fazenda Várzea do Pau D’alho – Joaquim Campos Pereira (Lima Duarte/MG) – 37.11 weaned/sow/year.

Silver Piglet: Granja Nossa Senhora Aparecida – Rodolfo Oliveira Chavaglia (Rio Verde/GO) – 36,08 weaned/sow/year. 

Bronze Piglet: Granja Bela Vista – Luciano Salgado Arantes (Urucânia/MG) – 35.58 weaned/sow/year.

1001 a 3000 sows

Gold Piglet: Granja Camari UND III – José Camilo Mendonça (Cristais Paulista/SP) – 36.94 weaned/sow/year.

Silver Piglet: UPL Kunz – Vernei Kunz (Travesseiro/RS) – 36.72 weaned/sow/year.

Bronze Piglet: Penalva – Manoel Teixeira Lopes (Juiz de Fora/MG) – 36.50 weaned/sow/year.

Above 3000 sows

Gold Piglet: Granja Becker – Milton Becker (Quatro Pontes/PR) – 35.54 weaned/sow/year.

Silver Piglet: Agropecuária Perazzoli – Marcos Antônio Perazzoli (Fraiburgo/SC) – 33.57 weaned/sow/year.

Bronze Piglet: Fazenda Jacaré – Tito Garavini Soares e Outros (Ponte Nova/MG) – 33.42 weaned/sow/year.


Producer Evolution

Pearl Piglet: Mariani – Cerdos de Cuyo S/A (Guaymallen/MZA) from 28.71 to 36.74 weaned/sow/year.

Gold Piglet: Las dos Emilias – Re Hermanos S.R.L. (Chivilcoy/BA) – 39.84 weaned/sow/year.

Silver Piglet: Establecimiento Porcal – Establecimiento Porcal S/A (Córdoba/CBA) – 38.26 weaned/sow/year.

Bronze Piglet: Granja La Riojana – Garcia Hermanos Agroindustrial S.R.L. (Gobernador Crespo/SF) – 38.06 weaned/sow/year.


Producer Evolution

Pearl Piglet: Cria El Caminito – Agropecuaria El Caminito (Medellín/ANT) from 28.87 to 32.17 weaned/sow/year.

Gold Piglet: Granja San Fernando – Inversiones SOGA S.A (Caldas/ANT) – 35.36 weaned/sow/year.

Silver Piglet: Granja Lomitas – Jamones del Huila (Garzon/HUI) – 35.22 weaned/sow/year.

Bronze Piglet: Cervalle Enmanuel – Porcicola Emmanuel SAS (Circasia/QUI) – 34.57 weaned/sow/year.

Other Countries

Producer Evolution WSY

Pearl Piglet: Granja Real Pork – Oleaginosa Raatz S.A (Obligado/PRY) from 30.48 to 32.97 weaned/sow/year.

Gold Piglet: Santa Patrícia Sede – Pisco – Negociación Pecuária Santa Patrícia S.A (Pisco/PER) – 35.36 weaned/sow/year.

Silver Piglet: Granja San Bernardo – Hugo Schaffrath (Santa Rita/PRY) – 35.25 weaned/sow/year.

Bronze Piglet: Porcinos del Ecuador Ecuapork S.A (Santa Elena/ECU) – 33.94 weaned/sow/year.

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