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Estrela+1 Program: a path to growth and productivity


Headquartered in Estrela D’Oeste/SP, Estrela Alimentos, a brand of the FRIGOESTRELA group that used to work only with cattle, expanded the business in 2019, when it started farming pigs in Rio Grande do Sul. As a result, new demands and challenges emerged – among them, the need for a management method that could organize and address the new challenges.

In 2020, as the support and collaboration of a team specializing in management and technology was needed, the group took the first step on this journey. At that time, in partnership with Cargill, Agriness began the work of mentoring in the area of management and professionalization of the company’s swine production.

After an initial planning phase, Agriness began to implement the P+1 Method, a management methodology that accelerates productivity and helps farms and feedlots in Brazil and several countries around the world to achieve their Maximum Productive Potential. Then came the Star +1 Program.



So that everyone would be on the same page, the program began with a training cycle for producers and technicians. A moment of great enthusiasm among the swine producers, who, based on the work of Agriness, were able to see new reasons to believe in the growth and development of their farms.

In addition to providing the training course and quarterly workshops focused on key productivity points, the Agriness team visited each Estrela Alimentos partner farm to individually draw up a plan of action and to plan for – learn the specific needs and demands of each one.  

During this partnership, which has just completed a year, the work was developed with a focus on improving the quality of information on all farms. In addition, the training of technicians and producers [was organized] so that, in a rapid and effective way, they could correctly act on each production challenge.  


In addition to the concern for training each producer and technician, Agriness understands that the results of this management methodology can go beyond what was initially envisioned and passed along. The proof of this is that in its first year, the Star +1 Program achieved tangible and intangible results beyond expectations. 

“The biggest gains were the development of the people who were involved in the process, the management of indicators in real time, faster decision making, and more precise diagnoses.”
– Benhur Ríes,  development manager at Estrela Alimentos.


What seemed to be impossible from a genetic point of view, happened due to the implementation of the methodology and the commitment of everyone involved. Reaching very impressive numbers compared to previous years, the behavior of the indicators was surprising, reaching 1.91 DFA (Weaned/Female/Year). However, it is noteworthy that, relative to the estimates of the productivity indicator, the absolute production figures were also higher than expected.



To celebrate the fruits of this work, on October 7, 2021, the first annual awards ceremony for the Star +1 Program was held. The event, which took place in Ijuí/RS, was attended by the CEO of Estrela Alimentos, Leonardo Gomes, and representatives of Agriness and Cargill as well.

The awards went to the three best UPD producers:

1st – The Heck Farm with 31.15 DFA;
2nd – The Santa Terezinha Farm with 30.97 DFA; and
3rd – The München Farm with 30.10 DFA.

The results achieved by the Star +1 Program are genuine reflections of the idea that commitment, determination, and dedication can translate into results! Results that rescued the hope and spirit of the producers and farms that take part in Estrela Alimentos .

The management program was closely monitored by coordinators Benhur Ríes (Star Food), Rodrigo Schiavini (Agriness) and Maicon Borile (Cargill). For next year, steps to improve the development of producers and farms will continue. Therefore, the Star +1 Program will take part in another company cycle and, to be sure, with new and surprising results.

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