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Are you ready for new technologies in animal production?


When it comes to the use of new technologies in animal production, two feelings arise almost instantly: excitement and fear of the new. In part, these desires and concerns are justifiable, but it is necessary to take it easy and have a strong willingness to learn and explore the innovations.

In this article, we bring some examples of how you can prepare yourself to receive new technologies and what is necessary for them to be truly utilized in your business.


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Mark all piglets at once during the sale/transfer of animals

That’s right: now you can select all the piglets involved in the operation automatically, regardless of how many are in the lot. This makes your process more agile, as everything now happens in just two clicks. Here’s how it works:

Fill in the information and go to the next screen > click on the primary ID.

At this point, the system will display all the information entered about the animals on the previous screen.

This feature is available for transfers, movements, deaths, and donations.


Print all records at once

Responding to the real need of our clients, S4 now has another feature that brings more optimization to your time during the process.

During the mating registration, the user can place the sow’s record being filled in the queue for later printing. Simply select the option Send matrix for printing on the sow record form; and continue registering the coverage launches normally.

After making all the entries, just go to the “Sow record form” and all the forms sent will be available for printing.


Get to know the 7 wastes in animal production


Have you ever stopped to think and analyze what wastes impact the management of your farm? The losses caused by the lack of management or even by deficient management can bring many problems to the manager, but by applying the right methodologies, it is possible to reduce waste and increase the final quality.

Get to know the 7 main wastes that may be impacting your farm and learn how to improve your processes. We explain everything to you in this article. Enjoy your reading!


Agriness Next

In this edition of Agriness News, we brought topics about technology, management, and people. For Agriness, this is the tripod that drives innovation in animal production. One does not work without the other, and we need to evolve together to be able to apply digital transformation to decision-making in the best possible way.

And if you want to know, learn, and share even more about innovation, technology, and management for animal production, you can’t miss out on Agriness Next. It will be three days of immersion to drive you to the next world.

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