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What learnings from 2022 will you take to 2023?

We know that 2022 has been a hard year for pig farming, but it is time to look ahead and pursue new achievements in the opportunities that arise with the year that has already begun. 

It is increasingly necessary to make good use of the available information in order to make good choices. Looking at the market and also the actions taken from the old farm gate inside, which is where you can definitely act more effectively. In addition, people management is becoming essential to have more people working in the right place and as a team. 

To help you see all the possibilities that can help you overcome a moment of crisis, we present an exclusive interview with Junior Salvador, Director of Agriness, about what to expect from animal production and what lessons we can take looking ahead.


Stay on top of the news

With each edition of our newsletter, we present and comment on the main novelties in Agriness products,                 with a spet-by-step so you can extract the best from each uptdate. 

It is now possible to edit the transfer of animals between farms

t is no longer necessary to redo the transfer of animals if an error is identified during the reception. The farm that received the animal transfer can refuse it and point out the problems at the time of the documentation reception. The farm that sent/sold the animals receives the notification that the destination farm refused the transfer and the information with issues. 

When clicking edit, the sale edit screen will be displayed and only the farm that sold it will be able to edit the following fields: date, quantity, weight, value, GTA and invoice. When saving the information, the transfer is resent to the destination farm.

Finally, the farm that is receiving the piglets will receive a notification about the update and by clicking on house the farm will be able to start the transfer acceptance process.

The Boar Card has one new upgrade!

In the last edition you got to know the new Agriness S4 feature, the Boar Card, where you can check all the performance of the animal inside the farm. 

Now you can also print the card to get your boar’s history and performance data ready for the necessary checks. It means more agility in data analysis.

More visual and complete economic analysis

Now it’s easier to see the economic analysis. Before, when accessing the economic part, many clients had trouble with the terms and other issues that dragged the work. Now three new features promise to bring more agility. 

New Filters
Value/kg animals sold | Value/kg piglets sold.
Applying the filter one can see the information on the economic performance per head (revenue/expenses/result), for each requested month. 

Adjustment on the account plan screen
How it was: purchase, consumption and overall expenses
How it is: revenues, expenses and results

And there’s more!

Printings will now always be complete, regardless of whether the user is viewing any information expanded or not, in CSV format.

These are your suggestions helping Agriness S4 become more complete and better for you every day!

That’s your achievement, too!

More than two thousand farms worldwide are already using Agriness S4. And this milestone was only possible because you believed in our work and because we believe in innovation. Innovation is what we are. 

This is what we bring to our customers every day in our products that facilitate production management and decision-making to evolve together. Learn more about S4 and the testimony of those who already use the tool to facilitate their management work.

Thank you!

As we have seen over here, 2022 was a very challenging and important year for pig farming. Being together with you was important to further strengthen our work. We thank our clients around the world who have answered our Satisfaction Survey and who have given their insights into our products and services. Listening to you is what makes us grow. 

What do you expect from the Future?

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