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Time to plan!

What are your farm’s objectives and goals for 2023? In case you haven’t started to think about your planning, the time is now! Getting organized at the right moment will directly impact the expected results for the next year. 

To help you in organizing, we have set out some steps that you should take from planning to execution to have excellent results in 2023. 


Stay on top of the news

With each edition of our newsletter, we present and comment on the main novelties in Agriness products, with a step-by-step so you can extract the best from each update.alização

Identify the nurse sow when entering weaning information, facilitating farrowing analysis

It is now possible to instantly identify whether weaning was performed by a mother or nurse sow upon entry. When searching for the sow when entering weaning data, the system will show the acronym Nurse sow indicating that the matrix is a nurse sow, making the process faster.


Boar Card: more information and control over the animals' history

The Boar Card is the newest resource to facilitate the management of your farm. The card presents, in addition to the boar’s entry and exit, the animal’s full history and performance in the farm. 

The card provides the following information: how many and which sows were mated, mating observations and delivery date for the sows mated with the boar. In the performance tab, the data appears more compiled, and genetics farms can see the ID of the boar’s mother, father and breed.

The card can be printed in PDF and CSV, with the possibility of deciding which columns will appear. Get to know the path of functionality.

Autonomy in linking users

The user with farm owner permission in S4 can release or restrict modules to users linked to the farm. This new feature allows you to manage users at any time you want, without having to ask Agriness. 

In the upper right corner of the screen click: My links > Edit farm data > Add user link to farm. In this location, the products and modules that the user will have access to are displayed. 

Genetics farms: set up the sales bulletin and get more information about your sales

It is now possible to choose up to ten items located in the farm settings, such as breed, commercial name, secondary ID, age, daily weight gain of the animals among others to prepare your sales report. It’s a lot more information for you and the farms that buy animals from your farm. 

It is also possible to place your company logo, highlight what information refers to the buyer, animals and items such as statements and guidelines that you want printed on the bulletin. 

All updates in one place

The Help Center you already know, and in the What’s New page you can see all the improvements implemented, as well as tutorials on how to make the best use of them. The news is posted monthly, that is, you stay on top of everything we are improving in the system to support your management.

Agriness Award for The Best Swine Producer’s


We are entering the last quarter of the year and if you have not already done so, it is time to organize your farm’s participation in the Agriness Award for The Best Swine Producer’s 15th edition. 

The data upload is different for Agriness S2 and Agriness S4 users. Want to know what the differences are and participate in the biggest swine production benchmark? Check out this article we’ve prepared for you. 

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