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Boost your S4 usage

We’ve put together some super helpful tips to help you get the best out of Agriness S4 in your day-to-day. Check it out:


Sow identification

Sows who have lost their primary identification can be located a lot quicker, through two identifiers – primary and secondary – in the Sow Card.

Purchase and sale between farms

Buying and selling animals to/from another farm has become easier. As soon as the sale is registered, the entry of animals to the purchasing farm happens automatically. The only thing the recipient producer needs to do is accept a transaction: just a click! Here is a step-by-step content and some tutorials on transfers between farms.

Piglet tab for sows

Piglets have a space for their event histories on the farm, which help you analyze the animal’s performance from data such as:

  • Weight at birth

  • ADG, weight and age at weaning

  • ADG, weight and age at nursery exit

  • ADG, weight and age at termination exit

To use the piglet tab, go to Genetics > Piglet tab and search for the animal by its primary ID.

More control in piglet sales

Two super useful functions in the piglet sales report: 

  • automatic word suggestion as soon as you start typing, to help you find the buyer faster.

  • driver and vehicle information, for your best control

Identification of piglets by sow

In addition to the complete history of events related to the sow, you can now check information on the piglets directly in the sow card – including the piglets’ tattoos – which will facilitate the analysis of future events. Go to Management > Breeding herd > Sow Card > History and check the Piglets column.

Export data piglet data

Making the best management decisions for a specific group of piglets has become easier. In the Genetics tab of S4 it is now possible to filter piglets, from several criteria such as: active on the farm; breed; approved, disapproved or not inspected; secondary ID; phases; sex; and dates. And you can even export the results in PDF or Excel for printing.

New data for mating assessments

The internal replacement and semen registers will be more complete: check out the new PBB (Brazilian Pig Book) fields and number of teats of the boar. Go to Management > Breeding herd > Releases and select sow/boar/semen.

Sow card with space for annotations on litter

To take advantage of this functionality you only need to configure the sow card for printing and select the option “Leave space to register next management”, save the settings and print the card. You can find this feature in Management > Breeding herd > Sow card.

Agriness Award for The Best Swine Producer: we already miss it!


It seems like our awards livestream was just yesterday, and we already miss all the celebration and joy for the achievements of swine production. Do you miss it too?

So, get ready, because we set apart three super cool things to make your heart warmer:Photos from the closing and awards livestream.

There was data presentation, awards and a surprise show at the end, our gift to swine production!

New interactive report

It’s everything we had before: swine production data, analyses, graphs, but presented with new interactive features such as videos, links, testimonials, with easy and intuitive navigation. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Productivity: how much does a non-productive day on your farm cost?

We don’t even need to say that the days when a sow is not pregnant or lactating impair the economic performance of the farm, do we? The animals are not producing but occupy space, consume food and labor. But have you calculated the cost of an NPD on your farm? We’ll teach you how to do the math here.

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