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Agriness Award for The Best Swine Producer: Time to submit and keep your data up-to-date!


We are entering the last quarter of the year and if you have not already done so, it is time to organize your farm’s participation in the Agriness Award for The Best Swine Producer’s 15th edition

The Best Swine Producer aims to offer a transparent and reliable benchmark on swine production figures, so that producers can visualize opportunities for improvements in the management of their farms based on the weaned/sow/year index (WSY) registered during the championship period. 

In 2021, the award had the participation of 2,236 farms and 1,874,410 sows in Latin America, Europe and Asia, and the 15th edition promises even greater numbers. Want to participate in the largest swine production benchmark and compare yourself with the best? Learn how to participate. 

Agriness S2 User

Those who use Agriness S2 must start sending the backup copy to enter The Best data, which will allow you to compare your results with those of other producers throughout the edition, in addition to competing for the recognition of the best performances of the year. It’s very easy to send the backup, follow these steps: 

1 – Access Agriness S2.
2 – Click the Utilities menu (three slashes on the top right of the screen).
3 – Click on the “Create backup” option.
4 – Select the location to save.
5 – Click on “3 – Create backup” and wait for the completion message “Backup generated!”. 
6 – Click on “4 – Send copy to Agriness, via internet” and wait for the message: “File sent successfully!”. 

Agriness S4 users

For Agriness S4 users it is not necessary to send any files, as the system being online means all data is automatically stored in The Best’s database. 

But, be aware! Even if S4 sends your data automatically, it is important that you keep your entries up to date. Inconsistent data directly affects the result, preventing you from properly managing your farm, as well as hindering the comparison of your performance with other producers. 

To learn how to correct inconsistencies, go to the article we created to help you. 

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