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Efficient farm management is more than cost control

Managing is much more than focusing on expenses and costs. Farm productivity also depends on your outlook – and your work – on information, methods and people. In this article we talk a little about the subject and teach you the first practical steps. 


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With each edition of our newsletter, we present and comment on the main novelties in Agriness products, with a step-by-step so you can extract the best from each update.

Sow sheet: new fields on a single screen

The printed Sow Sheet has gained two new features. The <Last Breeding> field was included in the <Sow Information> section to facilitate access to the data. Now all sow information is organized in one place: more agility for your management decisions.

The <Expected Delivery> field has gained a new feature: the week expected for delivery. The functionality will automatically display the week expected for the start of the sow’s delivery. This way, you and your team can guarantee the care and proper management for each sow.


More freedom and ease to change animal IDs at the time of transfer

Now you can adapt the identity of the animals to the reality of your production when accepting the transfer of animals between farms. The work that was previously done in different screens and times can now be done in a single moment, making the process faster and more effective for your management.

Automatic Food Conversion Calculation

Forget manual calculations. Automatic Food Conversion calculation was added to the inspection record. When placing the animal ID, weight and amount of feed consumed, the system will automatically generate the Food Conversion value, simplifying the process. 

If one of the fields is not filled due to lack of data, it is still possible to manually enter your feed conversion calculation.

Autonomy in user permission management in S4

The user with administrator privilege in the system is now able to restrict and permit user access in S4. This new feature allows you to do all the user management without having to ask Agriness. Here are the possibilities:

  • permit a new employee or person to access the system;

  • define what the new user can do on;

  • remove the access of users inactive.

Follow the step-by-step and start managing access on your farm.

More agility in performance reporting and thematic analysis

From now on, it will no longer be necessary to repeat the desired dates for analysis in each report. By filling in this data on the first access, the information will be saved in the browser and replicated to the next reports that are accessed.

See the example below:

  1. The first access was performed in the general S4 report and the desired date was selected;

  2. The data of the selected date is displayed;

  3. when selecting the second report, in this case the DNP Analysis, the field suggests the same date as the previous report.

This feature enables more agility for you and your team. 

Download Manager: Continue your activities in the system during the process

S4 has gained one more feature to expedite its activities: the download manager. The manager enables the user to continue running their operations on the system while the file is generated. 

Before, when choosing to download a file, it was necessary to wait for the download to complete to continue the tasks. Now, with file management in the background, the user will have more autonomy during the process.

More control on retroactive data entries

It is already possible to block retroactive entries in the S4 Audit Module. The user with administrator privilege in the system will be able to allow and define which users can enter data and set the period for adjustments and retroactive data entries. Much more precision for closing the results of your farm.

Note: check the availability of the resource according to your contracted management plan.

S4 App always updated with the latest features

You do not need to manually update your S4 App. There is a feature that does this for you automatically, to update your app with the latest features and fixes. In the app store (Play Store or App Store), search for “Agriness S4” and enable automatic updates.

If the option is already selected, rest assured, every update will arrive in your app.

Learn about the new features that come with each update of your S4

You don’t have to worry about installing or upgrading your system, or backing up your data. All this already happens automatically in S4, without interrupting your work, so you can invest 100% of your time in farm management, with the peace of mind of having your data safe with us and always up-to-date – in real time.

Now we’ve created a channel for you to stay on top of what’s new with each update: in the Help Center you can check out all the improvements implemented on your system, as well as tutorials on how to make the best use of them.

Commented reviews on the results of each region


With each edition of The Best, we create opportunities to deepen the conversation and learn more about the practices carried out by producers who stood out in past editions of The Best of Swine Production. This year, on the Route of the Best, we already talked to producers in SC, MG, PR and SP.

In addition to the chat, we also do commented analyses of the results and share them with you during the live sessions. Access is also available as a link within The Best’s Interactive Report, which receives updates throughout the year.

Here is the direct link for you to check out the reviews we presented in the live streams. Enjoy!     

                           1st stop – SC |  2nd stop – MG |  3rd stop – PR |  4 rd stop – SP

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