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+1 Copérdia Program: A Celebration of Productivity

In 2023, Agriness and Copérdia will celebrate nine years since the implementation of the +1 Program for accelerating Agriness Accelerator’s funding. With the incorporation of the methodology among technicians and producers, the cooperative has been achieving significant productivity results through management. 

By using the Agriness P+1 methodology, all involved parties are aligned, using the same tools and targeting the same goals with simple communication aimed at everyone’s growth. After all, people are fundamental pieces in this process, and improving results directly depends on them.

In 2022, 22 farms were benefited with the acceleration process, and together they achieved a productivity of +1.34 WSY. According to Agriness transformation agent Rodrigo Schiavini, “The +1 Program within Copérdia keeps all producers aligned with the technical team and standardized work methodology, where we are always looking at information, as it guides us to make accurate and impactful decisions within funding. The improvement in the formation of the ideal group of sows has been contributing year after year to the increase in the number of weaned piglets, reaching not only the volume but also the quality and weight in the final delivery.”.

The participation and engagement of the cooperative’s technicians and producers in seeking improvement is crucial to the program’s success. “The methodology used in the +1 Program is an innovative way of working with pig farming and its indicators, always seeking excellence in zootechnical and financial results,” says Jean Carlo Tedesco, Coordinator of the +1 Program and Supervisor of UPLs SC and RS at Copérdia. 

To work on producers’ motivation and engagement, the “Copérdia Best of Pig Farming” is also carried out as part of the +1 Program. “Copérdia Best” is a benchmarking of the cooperative itself, which annually recognizes producers who are references in productivity within the integration and also motivates and drives improvement for all participants.

The P+1 method brings different gains for funding, whether in farm productivity or the team. Improvement occurs according to the leadership’s definitions along with its team, the time each farm takes to start noticing the results of the definitions and the structure of each farm. 

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